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In Three Years

Dear Friends of the Ward Theatre,

In December 1912, a beacon of light, hope and dreams was born. There in the center of Jamaica's growing downtown metropolis was erected what would become the symbol of a country's cultural heritage. This is the story of the magnificent Ward Theatre. Unmatched in its architectural elegance and near perfect acoustical construction, the Ward Theatre represents the consummate symbol of Jamaica's rich cultural heritage. Step inside this rather imposing structure for five minutes and you too will find it difficult not to be transported back to a time when the Ward Theatre played host to the greatest talents from around the world; while also being the home of Jamaica's most outstanding talent. From the world famous Sir Willard White to the luminous Louise Bennett, from the comedic genius of Gilbert and Sullivan to the ever graceful movements of our very own dance prodigy - Garth Fagan, the Ward Theatre w…

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Centennial Celebration

On December 12th 2009, the Ward Theatre celebrated its 97th Birthday in a state of near ruin. With less than 3 years to go before the Centennial…


Save the Ward

What will you do to save the Ward?